UK market entry

  • UK market entry specialism for international technology providers

Content Marketing :

  • Content Marketing Strategy Report : (to relate to Marketing Strategy Report – if available) and to include content creation plan and content distribution plan
  • Content Marketing Management
  • Annual Editorial Calendar (content title list/schedule) : dependant on agreed content marketing strategy. 
  • Content Writing : all written content is in English, well researched, unique and authoritative
  • Content marketing research : online content marketing research (desktop studies) / qualitative marketing research / quantative marketing research

Whitepapers text only :

“short” whitepaper/PDF guide” : no references cited/suggest becomes “ungated” pdf download (could be part of a series)

“standard” whitepaper/ebook : references cited (no case studies) : suggest comprises one “gated” pdf

“long” whitepaper : references cited with case studies showing use of application* (could be for a printed booklet version too)

Press Releases : text only

Case Studies : text only and client liaison to obtain data/images if needed

Blog Articles : text only (long form, standard from, short form)

Page copy writing : Header/Landing/Service pages : text only

3rd party media feature articles / advertorials : (long form, standard form, short form)

PPT presentation : text only

Infographics : Concept sketches and liaison with graphic designer only

Editing and Proofreading : as required

Translation : as required (FR>EN, ES>EN)

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