Clients / Testimonials

Content Marketing / Marketing Research Testimonials

Those AEC collaboration (or Mary Bon) have served with services to date include:


  • New York Engineers
  • Modern Resale
  • My Two Designers
  • Austin Real Estate
  • Distinguished Boards and Beams
  • CorTen
  • Hoover Awnings
  • Aina Sustainable Real Estate
  • Matterport


  • SPS Group (Vic) Pty Ltd
  • Dean Homicki Pty Ltd
  • Elton Consulting Pty Ltd
  • Change Agents Pty Ltd
  • Cirrus Media Pty Ltd
  • Indesign Media Asia Pacific (Architecture & Design (Australia))
  • Classic Architectural Group Pty Ltd


  • Script&Go (Aghadoe)


  • IndiaCADworks


  • Floodsense
  • Knowledge Power


  • Buildots


  • Dendrite Park


  • Milford

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Mary has a wonderful talent for both creative design & commercial business research, writing and documentation. In fact, I would argue that Mary’s creativity as an architect, only enhances her skills beyond traditional administrative activities in the field. Her hands on experience in commercial business and sales affords a pragmatic approach and style that makes the content rich and the collaborative experience enjoyable. I am glad to be associated with Mary and I recommend others to share her aptitudes.” ~ designer/entrepreneur

“Mary has exceptional knowledge in architecture industry and I’m more than satisfied with the content. Good communication skills and adherence to delivery schedule was impressive.” ~ BIM service provider

“Mary is an amazing writer and researcher. I can’t commend her enough.” ~ construction supplier

“An excellent researcher with the creativity to look outside the box. I highly recommend Mary Bon to you.” ~ designer/entrepreneur

“Mary has consistently provided excellent workmanship and thorough understanding of requirements…I would urge anyone who is looking for someone with Mary’s skills and abilities to try her, you will not regret it!!!! Thanks Mary” ~ construction supplier

For further information or to discuss your content marketing or marketing research service needs please get in touch.